Since my earliest memories, I have been in a committed relationship with my art. Like any lifelong relationship, we influence each other and, in many ways, we have become as one.

So, since I am Queer, perhaps my art is Queer also. I use the word “Queer” to mean not readily definable in full knowledge that society doesn’t really like things it can’t readily define.

In the same way, my art is likely to share my imperfect mental health – sometimes ready to take on the world but, more often, questioning it’s existence. Again, imperfect mental health is not something society is greatly tolerable of.

Certainly, my art shares my concerns about the state of the planet – even if we have yet to reconcile ourselves to the part we play in it. This too, society has difficulties with.

Since separation from my art is unimaginable, you will find both my art and myself on this website. If we trouble society in any way, we invite it to question itself as to the reason why for answers are rarely found in silencing thought.

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